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To learn a Culture starts with the Food


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    It started with everybody’s biggest problem.

    Where to eat? It’s a simple question, but far from an easy one.

    We turn to restaurant reviews for answers, but here’s the thing, they’re not always reliable. Complaints are often made impulsively, while compliments are given so rarely that it’s hard for informed decisions to be made.

    This imbalance drives food lovers away from exciting new places, which in turn causes a disaster for restaurateurs looking not only to attract new customers but also to keep their reputations intact among existing ones.

    But what if we found a way to fix this problem for both groups?

  • Food

    So we came up with an answer: Munchh.

    Yes, it’s a food app. And like many of its counterparts out there, Munchh tells food lovers where to eat and what to eat.

    Reviews are broken down into multiple categories – the top 100 restaurants in the city, the hottest newcomers in town, the trending places of the week, the joints with the best promotions – while users can rate a place by taste, value, service, atmosphere, and location.

    All these, so everyone can get the information they need to make an informed decision the next time they head out for a meal.

    The similarities, however, end there.

    Because Munchh was also designed as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help restaurateurs get a bird’s-eye view of customer affairs; what are their feedbacks, did they ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ the restaurant, what dishes do they like best, etc.

    The goal? Gather as much relevant data as possible so restaurateurs can do better in attracting or retaining customers, let it be with discounts, improved menus, or other means.

    And that, really is the solution – an app that swings both ways to help both groups.

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    Our goals go beyond just a great meal.

    As food lovers who live to eat, we want others like us to have a voice too.

    We want them to be a guide to others in the food-loving community here, in Asia, or across the world, and that begins with us showing them the way to new places that they wouldn’t mind going back to again and again.

    We also want restaurateurs to develop a bond and maintain that bond with their customers. Which is why we have in place solutions that are not only smarter but also more efficient than anything else out there.

    If eating is all about the experience, then this is how we intend to bring the experience to life.

  • Food

    Building cities with good taste.

    Yes, cities. All united by a common love for good food.

    Maybe it’s done by getting citizens to appreciate what other cultures have to offer. Maybe it’s done with the power of software and wearable techs in solving a restaurateur’s problems. Maybe it’s done via a groundbreaking invention so advanced that we can’t even hope to tell you about it now.

    Whatever the means, we want to look back at ourselves 5, 10, or 20 years from today and discover that we’ve played our part in building cities with a culture of good food.

    Because like what we always say, “To learn a culture, start with the food”.